Tested by Rinto AR

root@president~rintoar:~# Greetings Admin
root@president~rintoar:~# The page you are looking for has been defaced
root@president~rintoar:~# Defaced by 'Rinto AR' | XaiSyndicate | TKJ Cyber Art
root@president~rintoar:~# Please patch your Security
root@president~rintoar:~# Dont Panic
root@president~rintoar:~# Rinto AR Just an illusion in Cyber World

root@president~rintoar:~# Rinto AR And XaiSyndicate Stay Here ...
root@president~rintoar:~# Kami bukan Sekumpulan orang orang bertopi Warna Warni ...
root@president~rintoar:~# Notice Me Senpai...!!!
root@president~rintoar:~# Hacking is Not a Crime
root@president~rintoar:~# Hacking is Art and Hacking is My Game
root@president~rintoar:~# Sayonara My Love

whoami /all: Rinto AR - And You!
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